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 Mombasa Container Terminal

The Container Terminal at the Port of Mombasa has a capacity of 1.1 Million TEUS with a compliment of equipment shown below that assist in the discharge and loading of vessels, stacking and unstacking of containers in the yard for imports and exports respectively and the delivery and receipt of import and exports containers through the Terminal gates. These operations can be broadly grouped as Cargo Handling Operations.                               

Number of Berths and Specialization 


Berth Number


Draft (M)


Length (M)


Cargo Type

         16                12.5177.7           Containers
         17                 12.5182.9           Containers
         18                  12.5239.0            Containers
         19                  13.5240.0            Containers


The Container Operations Department works 24/7 and aided in its operations by a TOS (Terminal Operations System) that is used in the timely operations of all activities and prompt documentation for quick and effective cargo handling. 

The staff strength at the container terminal is 1,788 in all cadres and are mostly housed in the One Stop Center together with all Government agencies who are involved in the delivery and receipt process of containers. These Government agencies are: 

  1. Kenya Revenue Authority
  2. Rwanda Revenue Authority
  3. Uganda Revenue Authority
  4. Tanzania Revenue Authority
  5. Burundi Revenue Authority
  6. Kenya Bureau of Standards
  7. KEPHIS (Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service) 

And the below cargo conveners not stationed at the One Stop Center, who have access to the TOS through a web portal for monitoring cargo in exercising their mandate. 

  1. KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service)
  2. Rift Valley Railways
  3. CFS Operators in Mombasa 

The one stop center acts as a one stop shop in the delivery of cargo to the consignees and guided by our core values, we strive to facilitate global maritime trade as carried in our mission statement.

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