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 Shorehandling Services

Shore handling refers to the handling of cargo at the Shore side or at a place near the quay but within the port precinct.

Generally, shore handling is the process of receiving and stacking cargo of import and/or export cargo, handling or transfer of cargo within the port and handling or transfer of cargo for delivery or loading.

Examples of shore handling activities would include, but not limited to: remarshaling, reefer plugging, stripping and/or restuffing, handling of self-propelled units, handling of crated animals e.t.c.

Shore Handling Charges therefore are the charges on Cargo/ Commodity/ Article/ Package/ Container for rendering shore services by the port through supply of labour with/without equipment for transportation of cargo from hook point to stacking point (including loading at hook point), unloading of the same at the stacking point and subsequent loading for delivery, or vice-versa.

For further information, please refer to Section III of the KPA Tariff.