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KPA prioritizes the security of cargo and port users in all port facilities and Inland Container Depots. This is why we comply with the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) as prescribed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

We have implemented measures to make the port facilities safer for business through the installation of electronic surveillance equipment and system that covers all port areas, Coastguard surveillance of our waters and Search and Rescue Centre operated jointly by KPA, other security agencies and IMO to supplement sea surveillance.

We enforce strict controls on port entry with all port users and visitors required to display passes at all times, restricted entry to container terminals and other key areas as well as security patrols in the ports.

Cargo scanning system at our facilities allows containers to be checked without stripping, centralized verification areas at the container terminal, the car handling area and the container freight stations as well as continuously manned watch towers in car handling area and container terminal.

We have also erected barriers and speed bumps at port gates to deter forced entry and ensure proper security checks and Ramp tally which requires every imported car to be inspected and docketed at the ship’s ramp before it is handed over to KPA to determine responsibility in the event of damage or vandalism.