New salvage plan for MV. Theresa Arctic
Mombasa - June 29,2017

 The Kenya Ports Authority led Salvage team has suspended salvage operations of Theresa Arctic due to very rough weather.

The rough weather could not allow the lightering vessel Theresa Dumai to go alongside the ill-fated vessel – Theresa Artic yesterday.

Weather prediction for the next 4 days will not allow a safe Ship to Ship (STS) transfer. As part of our alternative plan, the whole team has agreed to source for a specialized Tug which will hold the ship in the direction that will provide Lee for the lightering ship during the STS operation next week when the tide will be high enough to assist in re-floatation.

The sourced Tug (CSC NiELSEN) departs the Port of Salalah today to arrive in the next 6 days.
Meanwhile the salvage team is drawing a new salvage plan as preparations for the STS on board Theresa Arctic are ongoing.