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Mombasa Records 14.3% Container Growth
US DOLLAR : 100.97


Folder: Addendum No. 4Addendum No. 41.0
Addendum No. 1 (Pre-bid Conference).pdfAddendum No. 1 (Pre-bid Conference)1.0
Addendum No. 10.pdfAddendum No. 101.0
Addendum No. 11.pdfAddendum No. 111.0
Addendum No. 12.pdfAddendum No. 121.0
Addendum No. 13.pdfAddendum No. 132.0
Addendum No. 14.pdfAddendum No. 141.0
Addendum No. 15.pdfAddendum No. 151.0
Addendum No. 2.pdfAddendum No. 21.0
Addendum No. 3.pdfAddendum No. 31.0
Addendum No. 5.pdfAddendum No. 51.0
Addendum No. 6.pdfAddendum No. 61.0
Addendum No. 7.pdfAddendum No. 71.0
Addendum No. 8.pdfAddendum No. 81.0
Addendum No. 9.pdfAddendum No. 91.0
Appendix A - Bill of Quantities Phase 1.xlsxAppendix A - Bill of Quantities Phase 11.0
Appendix B - Schedules to be filled by Bidder 2.xlsxAppendix B - Schedules to be filled by Bidder 21.0
Appendix C - loading station Dimensions-Model.pdfAppendix C - loading station Dimensions-Model1.0
Tender Document.docTender Document1.0
Tender Document.pdfTender Document1.0

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