‚ÄčTransit bound containerised cargo records marginal increase

Mombasa - October 11,2017

Local containerised imports through the Port of Mombasa recorded 2,483 Twenty Feet Equivalent Units (TEUs), declining by 1,108 TEUs in the week ended October 4th 2017.

port photos 28th sept 2 020.JPG

 Full containers stacked at the Container Terminal 

This is contrary to the transit bound containerised cargo which increased by 12 TEUs to register 5,591 TEUs during the week under review. Uganda, the traditional transit market leader registered 4,477 TEUs or 80 percent followed by South Sudan with 361 TEUs which is an increase of 126 TEUs or 53.6 percent from the previous week. Other transit destinations included Tanzania which registered 325 TEUs, Rwanda with 125 TEUs, Somalia with 36 TEUs and Burundi with only 12 TEUs.

A total of 14 container vessels went alongside the container terminals recording a ship average working time of 2.02 days as container dwell time registered 4.53 days.  The ships discharged 12,764 TEUs, full and empty and loaded for return voyage 12,885 TEUs. Deliveries of containers out of the port by road transport registered 11,337 TEUs while the rail moved 234 TEUs only.

The Port stakeholders were informed during their weekly meeting at the KPA headquarters that the total container yard population was 16,252 TEUs having declined by 496 from the previous week. The new container population figure comprised 5,184 TEUs awaiting pickup order, 4,396 TEUs ready for collection and 1,135 TEUs full exports nominated/un-nominated).There were also 1025 TEUS for transhipments, 3,637 TEUs empties and 875 TEUs at the Customs warehouse.

Containers received at the Container Freight Stations (CFS) recorded 822,570 TEUs as another 818,924 TEUs were delivered to consignees leaving a balance of 3,646 TEUs.

During the week under review the Conventional cargo terminal worked 26 vessels handling a total of 254,009 metric tonnes at an average of 36,287 metric tonnes per day. Bulk Clinker recorded 103,731 metric tonnes to be the leading commodity followed by bulk wheat and bulk sugar which registered 70,241 metric tonnes and 25,691 metric tonnes respectively.  Other cargoes included 14,698 metric tonnes of bulk fertilizer, 8,348 metric tonnes of bagged sugar, 5,841 metric tonnes of project cargo and 5,260 metric tonnes of bulk sorghum.

The general cargo terminal also handled 3000 units of imported motor-vehicles and 129 trucks. There were 1,284 units of motor vehicles that were released direct from the port leaving a balance of 999 units while 14 units were at the motorcar section. Saturday, the 30th September 2017 recorded the highest performance of 56,195 metric tonnes for imports and 1,014 metric tonnes of exports handled.

Meanwhile forecast for the next two weeks, reveals that the Container Terminals are expected to discharge 8,957 TEUs and load for export another 10,885 TEUs. The conventional cargo is expected to discharge 442,842 metric tonnes and load another 61250 metric tonnes.