SGR bound cargo registers steady growth  

Mombasa – March 7, 2018  

Total container yard population at the Port of Mombasa rose sharply from 13,974 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) to 20,411 TEUs in the week ended February 28th.

The increase accounts for 46 percent and is mainly attributed to containers awaiting for pickup order submissions by respective Customs Agents which rose from 4336 TEUs to 7,451 TEUs. Others were empties which grew from 1,880 TEUs to a whopping 5,255 TEUs.


Outbound containers by the Standard Gauge Rail (SGR) service. 

Also comprising the new yard population were 3,668 TEUs ready for collection, 1,839 TEUs full exports (nominated/un-nominated), 1339 TEUs transhipments and 859 TEUs at the Customs Warehouse. During the week under review a total of 11,758 TEUs (full and empty) were discharged from 12 vessels docked at the Container Terminals while 10,477 TEUs were loaded for export.

While alongside the berths, the container ships recorded ship average working time of 2.20 days. The Import Container dwell time which is the average time between landing and exiting of a container at the port registered 4.90 days. Container deliveries by road transport registered 10,390 TEUs compared to 1,168 TEUs only evacuated by the rail transport.          

Import population breakdown showed that local bound containers registered 5,126 TEUs while containers destined for transit countries recorded 6,155 TEUs. While Uganda remained the leading port customer in the transit market accounting for 3,925 TEUs or 63.76 percent, Tanzania was second 1,115 TEUs. Other transit destinations included Somalia that registered 568 TEUs, Democratic Republic of Congo had 233 TEUs, South Sudan with 238 TEUs while Rwanda and Burundi recorded 54 TEUS and 12 TEUs respectively.

The Conventional cargo Terminal worked 15 vessels, handling a total of 176,700 metric tonnes in both ship and yard operations at an average of 25,243 metric tonnes per day. The discharge of bulk wheat registered the highest tonnage of 64,059 metric tonnes, followed by bulk clinker imports that recorded 39,395 metric tonnes and 34,650 metric tonnes of bulk gypsum. Other cargoes included 10,000 metric tonnes of bulk rutile for export, 7,225 metric tonnes of steel, and 168 metric tonnes of livestock.

The cargo Terminal also handled 335 units of motorcars and 132 trucks. A total of 460 units of the landed motor vehicles were under direct delivery while two others were delivered at the "G" section (motor car section).Deliveries by the road transport accounted for 74,059 metric tonnes while the conveyor belt handled 102,641 metric tonnes.

Forecast for the next 14 days    showed that 19 ships were expected to dock at the conventional cargo terminal to discharge 235,626 metric tonnes and load another 12,222 metric tonnes. The Container Terminals were expected to received 15 vessels, discharge 12,618 TEUS and load 12,389 TEUs.

Meanwhile the Mombasa Port Stakeholders second think tank forum and annual review of the Port community charter was successfully held during the week. Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Transport, infrastructure, housing and urban development Mr. James Macharia officially opened the two today forum.