The prequalification tender for relocation of the Kipevu oil terminal construction works opened yesterday (Monday) at the Kenya Ports Authority Headquarters.

Over 31 bidders from more than 15 countries are participating in the international tender that was advertised on 23rd March 2016. They are drawn from England, South Africa, China, Japan, Australia, India, Dubai, USA, United Arab Emirates, Spain, Netherlands, and Portugal among others.  The pre-qualification exercise will enable the Authority to shortlist qualified firms to be invited to bid.  Tenders for construction will go out by July 2016 ahead of actual construction early next year. The construction period is pegged at 30 Months.
The modern oil terminal is expected to have a capacity to accommodate four vessels of up to 200,000 DWT.

Conceptualization of the project arose from the ongoing port capacity expansion programme which has seen development of additional cargo handling facilities. These include the neighbouring 240 meter long   Berth No.19 which was commissioned in 2013. According to the earlier port development plans, KOT was the most extreme end installation away from other cargo handling facilities. Over the years other developments have taken place around the vicinity hence the reason for its relocation to safer grounds.

The multibillion project will involve decommissioning of the existing Kipevu Oil Terminal and construction of an offshore jetty near Dongo Kundu. The modern facility will have both subsea and land based pipelines connecting it to the storage facilities in Kipevu.
Among the key elements of the project will be an Island Terminal with four berths, located slightly inlands, capable of importation and exportation of five different hydrocarbon products. These are crude oil, heavy fuel oil and three types of white oil products (DPK-aviation fuel, AGO-Diesel and PMS-Petrol).

The other element is the Top side, whose initial implementation will be for three berths but layout will recognise the need for implementation of the fourth berth at a later date. There will also be a Sub-Sea Pipeline corridor and associated number of pipelines that will have an element of pre-investment to accommodate all the four berths. Others are on shore pipeline to a designated tie-in location and a SCADA and Control System.

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17th May 2016
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