Containers delivered by rail from Port of Mombasa records an increase of 233 TEUS

Mombasa – February 14,2018

Containers delivered from the Port of Mombasa to the Container Freight Stations (CFS) recorded 5,783 Twenty Feet Equivalent Units (TEUs) registering a decline of 1,615 TEUS or 21.8 percent  in the week ended February 7th.      

 Great Lakes (APM) and Portside Freight CFSs reported the highest declines of 284 TEUs and 241 TEUs respectively .However deliveries to Autoport and Siginon Freight registered a growth of 37 TEUs and 28 TEUs respectively. Transit containers delivered by road between 0700Hrs-0700Hrs registered 3,373 TEUs while deliveries between 1900Hrs-0700Hrs recorded 2,173 TEUs.


 Rail wagons awaiting to be loaded with containers at the Inland Container Depot Nairobi(ICDN).

Containers delivered up-country by rail recorded 671 TEUs registering an increase of 233 TEUs compared to the previous week.

 Port stakeholders were told during their last weekly meeting on Friday that 13 container vessels docked at the Container Terminal berths during the week. The ships recorded ship average working time of 2.24 days as Import Container Dwell time registered 3.71 days. Ship turnaround time was given as 56.83 hours. (This is the time difference between ship entering port area and exiting).

 During the meeting chaired by the Kenya Ports Authority Managing Director Mrs. Catherine Mturi-Wairi, the Kenya Railways Corporation Managing Director Mr. Atanas Maina introduced his team that has been deployed to Mombasa to ensure fast and efficient rail bound cargo evacuation from the port by the Standard Gauge Railway. The stakeholders hailed the initiative by KRC and welcomed the Officers whom they said were equal to the task given their past experience. Mr.  Maina assured stakeholders that marketing efforts for the SGR service by his team would be above board.

 Port operations performance during the week showed that a total of 11,189 TEUs (full and empty) were discharged from the ships and 10,049 TEUs loaded for export. The total yard population registered 14,644 TEUs out of which 5,753 TEUS were awaiting pick up orders. Others included 3,476 TEUs ready for collection, 918 TEUs full exports (nominated/un-nominated), 740 TEUs transhipments, 2,887 TEUs empties and 870 TEUs at the Customs warehouse.


Containers awaiting loading onto SGR wagons at the Inland Container Depot Nairobi(ICDN).

Imports population breakdown indicated that there were 3,170 TEUs locally bound and 4,873 TEUs for transit destinations. Uganda bound containers recorded 3,825 TEUs down from 4,141 TEUs registered in the previous week. This was followed by Tanzania bound containers that registered 444 TEUs, South Sudan with 233 TEUs, Democratic Republic of Congo with 162 TEUs and Rwanda with 157 TEUs.

The Conventional cargo terminal received 22 general cargo vessels that discharged 285,348 metric tonnes and loaded another 4,265 metric tonnes for export. The terminal handled an average of 41,373metric tonnes per day with bulk clinker imports registering 96,029 metric tonnes.

Other cargoes included 83,793metric tonnes of bulk wheat imports, 45,266 metric tonnes of steel, 29,290 metric tonnes of bulk coal and 927 metric tonnes of project cargo. The cargo terminal received terminal also handled 1900 units of motorcars and 153 trucks.

Deliveries of general cargo by road transport recorded 240772metric tonnes while conveyor belt delivered another 44,576 metric tonnes .Forecast for the next 14 days shows that 14 vessels were expected at the Container Terminals while the conventional cargo terminal expected 19 general cargo ships.