Container yard population declines by 6 percent

Mombasa – September 6, 2017

 Total container yard population at the Port of Mombasa declined by 1,200 Twenty Feet Equivalent Units (TEUs) to settle at 18,705 TEUS in the week ended August 30th 2017.

 The new population comprised 5,110 TEUs awaiting pickup order, 6,323 TEUs ready for collection and 906 TEUs full exports (nominated/un-nominated). Others included 847 TEUs transhipments, 4,736 TEUs empties and 783TEUs at the Customs Warehouse.


A cross section of the Mombasa Port container stacking yard

During the week under review 11 container vessels went alongside the two container terminals to record a ship average working time of 2.25 days as container dwell time  registered 4.45 days. The vessels discharged a total of 11,369 TEUs (full and empty) down from 14,324 TEUs recorded in the previous week. While still alongside, the ships loaded for export another 11,346 TEUs.

Deliveries of containers from the port by rail transport registered 376 TEUs up from 101 TEUs in the previous week. The road transport evacuated 11,144 TEUs in addition to delivering to the port another 7,810 TEUs empties. The Container Freight Stations (CFS) received 818,226 TEUs delivered 814,315 TEUs leaving a balance of 3,911 TEUs.

Containerised import population during the week revealed that 5,581 TEUs and 6,037 TEUs were bound for local and transit destinations respectively.  Uganda consistently maintained her leading position in the transit market segment accounting for 4,218 TEUs followed by South Sudan with 698 TEUs, Tanzania with 384 TEUs and Rwanda with 372 TEUs. The others included the Democratic Republic of Congo with 302TEUs, Somalia with 42 TEUS and Burundi with 13 TEUs.

The Conventional cargo terminal worked 22 vessels handling a total of 192,550 metric tonnes at an average of 27,507 metric tonnes per day. Bulk maize remained the leading import commodity recording 46,571 metric tonnes followed by bulk wheat that registered 41,392 metric tonnes.

Other commodities handled in large quantities included 28,448 metric tonnes of bulk sugar, 20,740 metric tonnes of bulk clinker, 17,471of bulk fertilizer, 10,513 metric tonnes of steel ,560metric tonnes of bagged cement and  589 metric tonnes of the mobile harbour cranes .

The terminal also handled 1464 units of motor-vehicles and 96 trucks that rolled off the motor-car carriers. Deliveries of general cargo from the port by road transport recorded 122,110 metric tonnes while the conveyor belt registered 70,440 metric tonnes.

Meanwhile in the next 14 days, the Conventional cargo terminal is expected to handle 360,798metric tonnes of imports and another 3185 metric tonnes of exports. The Container Terminals are expected to discharge 8,998TEUs and load 9,514TEUs.