Clinker and wheat top imports at the Port of Mombasa

Mombasa – April 3, 2018

Non-Containerised cargo imports handled at the Port of Mombasa recorded 238,000 metric tonnes registering a growth of 20,750 metric tonnes or 9.54 percent in the week closing March 29th, 2018.

 Bulk clinker and wheat were the leading commodities accounting for 80,357 metric tonnes and 39,134 metric tonnes respectively. The loose imports were discharged from vessels docked at the conventional cargo terminal that registered handling an average of 38,068 metric tonnes per day.

 Other cargoes included 29,908 metric tonnes of steel, 21,154 Metric tonnes of bulk fertilizer, 20,832 metric tonnes of bulk maize, 19,994 metric tonnes of bulk sorghum and 6,865 metric tonnes of bulk coal. There were also a total of 1789 units of motor-vehicles and 214 trucks that rolled of the car carriers. Export cargo included 28,000 metric tonnes of bulk illuminate.

Rail cargo.jpg

 The Standard Gauge Rail evacuated 2,008 TEUs up from 1,943 TEUs in the previous week (File picture).

The Container Terminals recorded total imports of 7,247 Twenty Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs) down from 10,735 TEUs in the previous week. The imports declined by 3,488 TEUs or 32.49 percent. The import population comprised 3,411 TEUs locally bound and 3,836 TEUs for the transit market. Containers destined for Uganda recorded 2,911 TEUs commanding the lion's share in the transit market segment followed by Tanzania with 418 TEUs.

 Other transit destinations included South Sudan which accounted for 191 TEUs, Democratic Republic of Congo with 154 TEUs, and Rwanda with 116 TEUs while Somalia and Burundi accounted for 25 TEUS and 11 TEUs respectively.

 During the week under review, 11 container vessels docked at the container terminals registering ship average working time of 2.40 days. Import container dwell time was recorded as 3.70 days while alongside the berths, the ships discharged 12,225 TEUs, full and empty and loaded another 12,299 TEUs.

 Container deliveries by road transport registered 9,286 TEUs down from 10,667 TEUs reported in the previous week. The Standard Gauge Rail evacuated 2,008 TEUs up from 1,943 TEUs in the previous week. Deliveries of loose cargo registered 178,034 metric tonnes by the road and 59,966 metric tonnes by conveyor belt.

The total container yard population registered 16,420 TEUs dropping by 3,499 TEUs recorded in the previous week hence the creation of additional container stacking capacity. Containers stack at the yards comprised 4,252 TEUs awaiting pickup order, 4,145 TEUS ready for collection and 2,188 TEUs full exports (nominated/un-nominated).Others included 604 TEUs transhipments, 4,372 TRUS empties and 859 TEUs at the Customs warehouse.

Meanwhile, forecast for the next two weeks showed that 12 container vessels were expected to discharge 7,978 TEUS and load 8,805 TEUs. The conventional cargo terminal was expected to work 18 general cargo ships that would discharge 348,924metric tonnes and load another 2,108metric tonnes.