Bandari FC challenged to match KPA's excellent performance

Mombasa - March 15,2017

Bandari FC Chairman Eng. Abdullahi Samatar has challenged the technical bench and the playing unit to work extra hard this season to register impressive performance identical to that of the sponsor Kenya Ports Authority (KPA).

Addressing the players and the team's officials at the KPA headquarters on Wednesday at the conference room during Bandari FC's historic tour at the Port of Mombasa, the chairman said the Authority had put in place all the necessary measures required for a successful team.

Eng. Samatar urged the players to reciprocate the efforts of the KPA management by recording positive results in competitions.

"Now that your salaries and allowances are paid on time the management cannot be blamed for poor results because it has done its part," he said.    


From left: Bandari FC Technical Director Twahir Muhiddin, Head Coach Paul Nkata and Assistant Coach George Owoko follow proceedings of the meeting.

KPA's Head of Human Resource Mr. Boaz Ouko who represented the General Manager Human Resource and Administration Dr. Amani Komora, the club's Vice Chairman, assured the team of the management's maximum support.

He said the port tour was meant to equip the team with necessary knowledge about the Port of Mombasa so that they could act as goodwill ambassadors.

"Today history has been made as this is the first time for our football team to officially visit the port. I know you travel in most of the Counties in this country, take that opportunity to educate the people about the good things you have seen here," said Ouko.

He said with a sports policy in place, the Authority looks forward for further improved management of sports.


Head of Human Resource Mr. Boaz Ouko (left) addressing the Bandari FC team.

Head of Corporate Affairs Mr. Bernard Osero explained to the team the mandate of Kenya Ports Authority which was established as a statutory body in 1978.

"The main role of the Authority is to develop, maintain, operate, improve and regulate all scheduled seaports along Kenya's coastline, "said Mr. Osero.

The players heard that besides the Port of Mombasa, other gazetted ports under KPA are; Kiunga, Lamu, Ngomeni, Malindi, Kilifi, Takaungu, Mtwapa, Funzi, Shimoni and Vanga.

At the Port of Mombasa, the team was told KPA provides services such as pilotage, tug services, mooring, navigational safety, stevedoring, shore handling and cargo storage.

The Head of Corporate Affairs also highlighted to the team recent developments at the port including acquisition of modern port marine and cargo handling equipment, construction and operationalisation of a new container terminal, implementation of single customs territory and the launching of the Wajibika project.

Mr. Osero told the footballers since KPA works towards offering world-class services, every other brand associated with the Authority must also strive to attain similar standards in their performance.

"The sole purpose of this port visit is to empower Bandari team to become good ambassadors of the Authority. You must strive towards becoming a wold-class team to represent the Authority appropriately," he added.     


 Boat ride moment for the team

Bandari FC Head Coach Paul Nkata, his Assistant George Owoko, Technical Director Twahir Muhiddin and the club's CEO Edward Oduor joined the players for the port tour which covered the Second Container Terminal, the Control Tower and at the Marine Operations where they got a chance for a maiden boat ride from Control Tower Pantoon to Buoy number one.

The team later proceeded to Pride Inn Hotel for a sumptuous lunch courtesy of the Kenya Ports Authority. 

Meanwhile the Head of Corporate Affairs has announced plans to organise similar port tours for all other KPA sports teams.