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 Kigali Liason Office

​The Kigali Liaison office was officially opened on 19th July 2013 and is situated at 6th floor of the Grand Pension Plaza in kigali, Rwanda. 

It serves the transit market clientele and bring services closer to home for the Rwanda market in particular and has continued to bridge the information gap and offer customer support services to the Rwandan business community.


Rwanda has a total population of 12.1 million people having a GDP growth rate of 7.1% in January following a rise in inflation rate of 4.6% in March from 4.4% in February. Rwanda’s unemployment rate currently stands at 2% compared to that for University graduates which is 13.5%.


Rwanda’s main Import partners are Kenya, Germany, Uganda and Belgium from which it mainly imports food products, machinery and equipment, construction materials, petroleum products and fertilizers. On the other hand, Rwanda exports tea, coffee and minerals like tin coltan, wolfram and cassiterite which are predominantly traditional products. The main export partners are China, Germany and United States.


Important Stakeholders in Rwanda are the Kenya High Commission, Ministry of Trade & Industry (MINICOM), Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA), Private Sector Federation(PSF),Rwanda Revenue Authority(RRA), Rwanda Shippers Council (RSC), Rwanda Association of Clearing and Forwarders Association (ADR) Spedag Interfreight and Bollore Logistics are biggest clearing agent in Rwanda among the 160 registered clearing agents with ADR.


After replacing Rwanda Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 1999, the Private Sector Federation (PSF)- an umbrella organization that groups 9 professional chambers- has registered major successes beyond a strong brand and membership.

It has pioneered Business Development Services(BDS) through registering wins in advocacy and played a strong national and regional role in promoting and representing the interest of the Rwandan business community.

Visit KPA Kigali office for your business needs and get connected to the Port of Mombasa.

Kigali Liaison Office
Grand Pension Plaza - 6th Floor
Avenue de la Paix
P.O. BOX 1613
Kigali, Rwanda
Tel Office   : +250 255 11 99 99/91/34
                     : + 250 735 40 11 98
Cell phone: + 250 786 655 177/ + 250 735 40 11 54
                    :+ 254 722 451005
Office Extn: 5041
Office Email:

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